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ABC 15 News visits Pueblo teachers who were once Kyrene students


Kyrene teachers come full circle
ABC15 News
September 1, 2017

"CHANDLER - When it comes to educating, Arizona teachers are always working to find ways to connect with their students.  Several new teachers in the Kyrene School District can honestly say they’ve been right where their students are today.

“It feels like home, it feels like I came back to my roots a little bit,” said Michele Lucas, who loves to teach.  “When you’re in the classroom with the kids there's an energy and a vitality in seeing them learn and interacting with them that I don't think can be replicated anywhere else.”

That energy brought Lucas back to the classroom after four years as a stay-at-home mom. This is her first year teaching seventh grade social studies at Kyrene Del Pueblo Middle School in Chandler, but her ties to the district span decades. She attended both elementary and middle school in the Kyrene School District."