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Understanding AzMERIT Student Results

Last spring, students in grades 3 through 8 participated in Arizona’s Measures of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT) assessments. Please know the state’s goal in changing from AIMS to AzMERIT was to measure students’ mastery of Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards.
Sometime during the week of November 16 you will receive, via U.S. mail, your student’s scores. The material shared on these reports is much more informative than what had been provided for AIMS; and, to support your understanding, Arizona’s Department of Education (ADE) is providing a guide as well.  When you receive your student’s results, please keep in mind that expectations for student performance have risen. They are more rigorous and they are aligned to higher expectations.  Mesa Public Schools prepared this video for parents across the state to explain what you can expect when you review your student's results.
“A lower score on AzMERIT does not necessarily mean that a student is performing below average in school. It also does not mean that teachers are doing a poor job of teaching. It is more likely the result of higher expectations for a passing score. As we saw with AIMS, we expect that the scores on AzMERIT will increase over time.”    – Arizona Department of Education
Arizona Department of Education will release school and district-level performance levels after November 30, 2015.  After that time, school leaders will share this information with the Governing Board and parents. As always, if you have questions please contact your child's school.
If you would like more background information or resources to understand your child's scores on the AzMERIT, go to Expect More Arizona or visit the Arizona Department of Education website.