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2020-21 Early Release Days


Start and End Times


Kyrene School District will be reintroducing early release dates into the calendar for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. Students are encouraged to use early release dates for independent study, homework catch up, social-emotional activities and self-reflection.


January 15 (Fri)

January 29 (Fri)

February 12 (Fri)

February 24 (Wed) Conferences

February 25 (Thur) Conferences

February 26 (Fri)

March 5 (Fri)

March 26 (Fri)

April 1 (Thur)

April 16 (Fri)

April 30 (Fri)

May 14 (Fri)

May 28 (Fri)

June 7 (Mon)

June 8 (Tue)



Early Release Schedule