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2023-2024 Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher


Ms. Kory Intro Video


Please have your student print their schedules from ParentVue/StudentVue prior to their first day of school, Wednesday, July 19th.

*Schedule changes will not be made unless a student has an error on their schedule (i.e. missing a class, etc).


For any class specific questions, non-schedule related, please email the teacher directly. Email addresses can be found under "Classrooms" on our website.


Monday, July 17th

Meet the Teacher will be on the afternoon of Monday, July 17th.


During Meet the Teacher, families and students will follow their daily schedule. It is important the schedule is followed in order to limit the number of individuals in any one area at a time. Teachers will be providing presentations during each class period/session. 


We will open gates at 1:00pm and have an open house in the MPR (for PTSO apparel sales and informational materials). Classroom buildings will open at 1:20 PM, with the first session beginning at 1:30 PM.  During the lunch period on the schedule (3rd for 6th; 4th for 7th; 5th for 8th), families are invited to the MPR to see the cafeteria and pick up any informational materials (athletics, food services, extra-curriculars, PTSO, etc.). The school bells will signal for families to transition to the next class for another curriculum presentation and to meet the next teacher.  Please print or take a screenshot of student schedules from ParentVue/StudentVue prior to attending.  The schedules will be available online the morning of the event.  If you cannot access it, please visit our MPR at 1 PM for assistance. 


6th Grade                                                                      7th Grade                                                         8th Grade 

Learning Block 1        1:30 - 1:54 PM                           1st Period     1:30 - 1:40 PM                           1st Period     1:30 - 1:40 PM  

   (Pd 1 & 2)                                                                     2nd Period    1:44 - 1:54 PM                          2nd Period     1:44 - 1:54 PM  

3rd Period                   1:58 - 2:08 PM (Lunch)            3rd Period     1:58 - 2:08 PM                          3rd Period     1:58 - 2:08 PM  

4th Period Elective     2:12 - 2:22 PM                          4th Period     2:12 - 2:22 PM (Lunch)            4th Period     2:12 - 2:22 PM  

Learning Block 2         2:26 - 2:50 PM                          5th Period     2:26 - 2:36 PM                         5th Period      2:26 - 2:36 PM (Lunch)

    (Pd 5 & 6)                                                                    6th Period     2:40 - 2:50 PM                          6th Period      2:40 - 2:50 PM  

7th Period Elective      2:54 - 3:04 PM                         7th Period     2:54 - 3:04 PM                         7th Period       2:54 - 3:04 PM  


Printable Schedule