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Important Aprende and Brisas traffic safety information





Attached is a map showing some of the signs that the City of Chandler has installed in our school zone.  There are also “Do Not Enter Signs” on the Exits to each of our parking lot driveways. Please do not use the North Bus Lot during drop off and pick up times. This parking lot is for staff parking and buses only. Please review the map – it shows where to drop off and pick up depending on the direction you enter our school zone. Also, there should be no dropping your student off when you are stopped in middle of the road. This is a huge safety concern. We also prefer that you utilize the drop off system instead of parking on the street or at Desert Breeze Park to drop your child off at school as this causes more traffic issues and interrupts the way the flow of traffic is supposed to work.


If you travel from Ray Road you will turn left into the large parking lot in front of Aprende to drop off & pick up, exit right back towards Ray Road. Once you pull into the parking lot and come to a stopping point in the drop off line, your child should immediately exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk and enter the school. This allows you to be ready to move and exit the parking lot when the line moves again. Please stay in the drop off line and wait for the line to move to exit.


If you travel from McClintock you will turn right into the parking lot in front of Brisas, pull all the way forward, and your child will exit onto the sidewalk and walk in front of Brisas to Aprende.  You will exit this parking lot by turning left and return in the direction of McClintock.


Also, for the safety of everyone, we need every student and parent that walks across Desert Breeze Blvd to use one of our cross walks. We have a cross walk at the stop sign at Desert Breeze Blvd and Joshua and another cross walk in front of the Brisas parking lot. I am asking that everyone do their part keeping the students safe as they make their way to and from school. Thank you for putting safety first!


Traffic Flow Map