• Exceptional Student Services

  • Exceptional Student Services

    During this unprecedented time, the entire Exceptional Student Services team, including teachers, therapists, psychologists, nurses, administrators and support staff, have been working to develop a comprehensive plan for your child’s return to school.

    We know that as parents, you have many questions and concerns about how school may look for your child with special needs. First and foremost, the school district’s obligation to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) remains a priority. Specialized instruction and related services must continue for students with special needs. In Kyrene School District, families have options as to the location of their child’s education: online through our newest school, Kyrene Digital Academy, and in-person at one of our brick-and-mortar schools. Additionally, families may choose Kyrene’s Flex Distance Learning model, starting online and transitioning back to their in-person campus at scheduled intervals. 

    We encourage all families to bookmark Kyrene School District’s website, www.kyrene.org/safestrong, to stay up to date on information about a safe return to school.

    To that end, Kyrene School District will require all students and staff to wear cloth face coverings when physical space does not allow for maintenance of 6 feet of distance between individuals. For any student who has difficulty breathing, is incapable of physically removing the face covering on his/her own or will not wear cloth face coverings, alternate methods of protection will be discussed by parents and staff. Additionally, students who have a reason pursuant to a 504 Plan or IEP to not wear face coverings will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine whether there are additional accommodations that may be made to provide them with the greatest possible protection.

    Please refer to the following links to help your child become more comfortable with face masks and specifically wearing them in school:   

    To better familiarize yourself with the many programs, options and supports that are available through each of the departments within ESS as well as on-line resources for in-home learning activities, please follow the links below:

    The ESS Team is looking forward to reconnecting and continued learning with students. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Exceptional Student Services Team at KyreneESS@kyrene.org.


    Dr. Sandra Laine
    Director of Exceptional Student Services 

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Last Modified on August 30, 2020