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    Kyrene Middle School is a candidate school* for the MYP. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education - that we believe is important for our students. *Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme (DP), or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.


    Kyrene Middle School
    International Baccalaureate Candidate School
    Middle Years Program


    Language Policy


    Programme standards and practices

    Standard A7:

    The school place importance on language learning, including mother tongue,

    host country language, and other languages.

    Standard A9:

    The school supports access for students to the IB programme(s) and philosophy.

    Standard A9a:

    The school strongly encourages participation for all students.

    Standard B1.5a:

    The school has developed and implements a language policy that is consistent

    with IB expectations

    Standard B2.8:

    The school provides support for its students with learning and/or special

    educational needs and support for their teachers.

    Standard C3.7:

    Teaching and learning addresses the diversity of student language needs,

    including those for students learning in a language(s) other than their mother


    Standard C3.8:

    Teaching and learning demonstrates that all teacher are responsible for

    language development of students.

    Standard C3.10

    Teaching and learning differentiates instruction to meet students’ learning

    needs and styles.


    Kyrene Middle School serves a diverse population of students with diverse language needs.  KMS welcomes all students and strives to create a learning environment that embraces diverse language backgrounds while preparing students to succeed in the 21st century.  All teachers at Kyrene Middle School are responsible for language instruction. In all classes, students read, write, speak, view, and listen in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes.  These skills are the crux of the College and Career Readiness standards that our curriculum is aligned to.

    The language of instruction at KMS is English.  One exception to this is the dual language program which spends 40% of the day teaching in Spanish.  At Kyrene Middle School, the students explore the many ways language is used to communicate ideas, develop an inter-cultural awareness, and become global citizens. Language and Literature and World Language are core academic classes at KMS.  Through the study of language, students will come to know that different languages have different structures and rules, and will make a connection to another culture while developing a deeper understanding of their own.

    Language A: Language and Literature

    As stated, KMS believes that all teachers are language teachers, but Kyrene Middle School students participate in specific language instruction two hours per day.  One of those hours is English Language and Literature. Time is spent in this class analyzing text, producing text, and using the english language to communicate effectively as well as understand competently.

    Students explore a variety of texts including expository, argument, and narrative.  The instructional strategies used at KMS include, but are not limited to: Direct instruction, close reading, novel studies, problem based/holistic learning, and the use of formative assessments to guide the direction of instruction. Kyrene has adopted Pearson’s My Perspectives curriculum as the primary source.  Students read high quality, culturally diverse novels both independently and as a class. They analyze the reading through small group discussions and socratic seminars; they answer text-dependent questions and cite their evidence using MLA style. Students write narrative, expository, and argumentative essays responding to real world issues or events as well as in response to their reading.  They also use MLA style citations when applicable.

    KSIT (Kyrene Student Instructional Team) Meetings are held regarding students that are not progressing through the learning as expected.  This is a multi-disciplinary team that meets to develop or follow through with strategies for student success. Tier 1 interventions are implemented and monitored.  If progression is not shown following Tier 1, a determination is made regarding moving the student to Tier 2 intervention.

    If Tier 2 intervention is deemed necessary, the students attend intervention class in lieu of an elective class.  District interim scores are used to determine an exit from this intervention class.

    Students of special needs have additional resources in the Language A classes dependent on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.  Students that attend general education classes may have an instructional aide for assistance and guidance. Students that do not attend general education classes report to a special needs teacher for specific instruction with assistance and guidance.

    Language B: World Languages (American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish)

    At Kyrene Middle School, the second hour daily of specific language instruction is in language acquisition.  KMS’ World Language class is a core class rather than an exploratory/elective class. Each student will be enrolled in one of the three world language classes offered: American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  KMS also offers English as a Second Language for students that are not proficient in the language of instruction which would be considered their Language B course.

    The World Language course, as a core class, will be a year-long class.  Students will receive close to 180 hours of instruction in Language B per year.  At KMS, we believe strongly in our students becoming proficient in at least two languages.  Once the student has chosen their world language course of study, they will continue with that course of study through the three years of middle school.  

    Through Language B courses, students will be entrenched in their chosen culture.  This will provide the student with language proficiency and they will begin to understand how language provides a window into another culture.  By being bilingual, students will be more balanced, open-minded, and better communicators in their global community.

    Two of our Language B courses were chosen due to an increasing demand for employees proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.  With course offerings in these two languages, students will be provided the opportunity to learn about the language and the culture.  Being knowledgeable in both these areas will benefit students as the enter the workfield. These courses will develop skills in reading and writing comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and oral communication.  Students will also be immersed in that community’s culture. The Language B courses are structured in phases, and the phase a student is enrolled in will be determined by their level of proficiency. Students will move through the phases as their knowledge of the language and culture progresses.  If no progression is shown, they will remain in their current phase.

    American Sign Language was also chosen due to an increasing demand for fluent signers.  Students enrolled in American Sign Language (ASL) will be provided the opportunity to learn about the language and culture of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing This course will develop skills in fingerspelling, family signs, pronouns, people and classifiers/common descriptor signs, and rhetorical questions.  Students will also be immersed in the the culture of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Like Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, ASL will be structured in phases. Students will move through the phases as their knowledge of the language and culture progresses. If no progression is shown, they will remain in their current phase.

    Students of special needs will attend Language B classes to varying degrees.  Determined by their ability levels, SEN students will be in general Language B classes, use language B software, or will be exposed through their CCD teachers.

    English as a Second Language

    Kyrene Middle School student population includes those students who are non-native speakers of English.  Our goal at KMS is that they become fully integrated in culture of the school. As students enroll in Kyrene Middle School, they are asked to complete a PHLOTE (Primary Home Language Other Than English) survey.  Students identified as English language learners are evaluated using the AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) to determine their English proficiency level.

    Depending on the level at which they demonstrate, students are placed on ILLPs (Individual Language Learner Plan) or in an SEI (Structured English Immersion) class. The ILLP includes Arizona ELD (English Language Development) standards that are taught and implemented by general education teachers.  The ILLPs are reviewed each grading period (4 times per year) using data collected by teachers on the ELD standards. It should be noted that all certified teachers in the state of Arizona need to have an SEI endorsement.

    Students in SEI courses, are mandated four hours of ELD each day.  The SEI classes are in lieu of the Language A courses. SEI teachers work very closely with their Language A colleagues as well as other subject group colleagues to provide the students with subject specific vocabulary and a sense of  sameness. Students receiving support in English development are re-assessed each year to determine the amount of support necessary. Due to the 4 hours of SEI instruction, these students are only exposed to one exploratory class per day, two per year.    

    Reviewed on 12/11/2018 by:

    School Administrators

    IB Implementation Committee

    ELD/SEI Teacher


    Approved on 12/11/2018:

    Next Review: 12/11/2019



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