Family and Consumer Sciences (6th grade) and Culinary Arts (7th and 8th grade)


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    ** UPDATED 3/23/2020
    Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe/healthy, and trying to make this best of all of this! 
    I hope all students recieved my email I sent out a few days ago. Please check your school email if you have not. I want to confirm that as of now students will have no required work to do for FACS or Culinary that they will need to submit for a grade. I will keep you all updated if that changes, or if there are any other important changes affecting this class. 
    I am posting a recipe for homemade granola bars on this site under the recipe section, along with some other recipes (some we have done in class, some we have not). Please let me know if you would like any suggestions or advice on any recipes to try at home...I would love to help you out. Also, there are some cool websites that allow you to put in ingredients that you have, and it comes up with some recipes that you can make using the ingredients you have! This could be fun and useful during this time when the grocery stores are not as well stocked as what we are used to. Along with that, you may find a recipe you like but not have 1 or 2 ingredients in order to make it. Do not let that stop you; try using substitutions instead! For example, when we made the black bean brownies it called for maple syrup originally, but I did not have any so I used honey instead. I substituted the honey for the maple syrup becasue both were sweeteners. There are MANY susbstitutions out there for a lot of different ingredients... just google whatever it is you want to substitute (or ask me) and I am sure you will come up with an alternative that could work. :)
    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I will do my best to help you. I miss you all and hope you are doing ok! 
    Office Hours: Wednesday 7:40-8:10
    -What is Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)?
    FACS (formerly known as Home Economics), is a life skills class that covers a variety of topics. These topics will help prepare students for success in many areas of life, including home, school, and work! This year, FACS will only be offered to 6th grade students
    Topics to possibly be covered: Basic Cooking, Basic Nutrition, Basic Hand Sewing, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Stress Management, Goal Setting
    -What is Culinary Arts?
    Culinary Arts is a semester long course offered to 7th and 8th grade students.
    Culinary 1, which is opened to any student who has never taken FACS or Culinary, will focus on reading a recipe, equipment and terms, measuring, and basic nutrition. Students will do cooking labs 3-4 times a month in order to get hands on experience.
    Culinary 2 is offered to any student who has taken Culinary or FACS before, and will be more project based learning. Students will briefly review the concepts that are taught in Culinary 1, have 3-4 main projects, and will have 3-5 cooking labs a month.
    All grades will cover skills relating to effective communication, time management, organization, and teamwork. 
     If your child is absent, PLEASE have them come to me the day they get back to school and ask me what they missed. This is the most accurate way to ensure they are getting the most update to date information and materials.
    - CTE Curriculum Standards