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    Welcome to Mrs.Schutkowski's
    6th Grade Social Studies Class

    nschutkowski@kyrene.org| 480.541.6576
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      If you have never accessed the online book, we are NatGeo on the Student Educational Resources page. There are directions of how to log on attached. The biggest mistake kids are making is that they have their slash going the wrong way.

    The user name is ksd\##### and the password is your student network password.

    Lastly, some of you are asking about Zoom conferences. I am not doing these as whole classes yet; something like that may occur starting in two weeks. For now, I will mostly answer questions over email when possible, but would be glad to meet with you and your parent using Zoom- if you request (especially if your questions/ concern is in depth, lengthy or complicated). Your Zoom meeting request should include the purpose of our meeting, and I will then schedule it during my office hours: Monday 3-6, Tuesday 8-11, Wed 1-4 and Thursday 8-11.