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    black paw  Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! 

    black paw   SHOW CHOIR HERE IT IS!

           ...and with voices!

    black paw  Here is the PowerPoint used in class for the Musical Terms and Symbols test in chorus class 9/24: Musical Terms and Symbols      Students should also have a study guide for the test that they filled out in class. 
    black paw  Guitar students now have a booklet with guitar instructional material. Once given to them, students will be expected to bring it to every class. Students can either put it in their own notebook or if they do not have one, it can be provided for them.
    black paw  Help for guitar students and other material can be found here: Guitar Class Help
    black paw Guitar students use 2 different method books in the classroom. The Consonus Guitar Method is the book we use the most in the classroom. We do not currently have enough for all guitar students to have a copy. There are copies available at the library should a student want to check one out. There is a classical guitar method that I found online for free and I have made enough copies to use in the classroom. The book is very useful and if you would like to print a copy for home use, or download the .pdf file to put on a tablet it is located here: http://www.thisisclassicalguitar.com/free-classical-guitar-method-book-pdf/
    black paw  We use charmsoffice.com to store files and to give out information that may be of use to you. Here is how you log in charms:
         click on "enter students/parents"
         school code: puebloperformingarts
         password: your student ID number
    Feel free to email questions to Mr. Frazer at cfraze@kyrene.org
    black paw  Study guides for tests are located on the classroom resources link on the left.