Direct Deposit Information

  • Employees who wish to deposit their paychecks into their checking or savings accounts must fill out a Direct Depost form.  This process takes 2 pay periods; therefore, the first paycheck after initiating the direct deposit will be a "live" check and the second paycheck will be deposited into the employee's checking or savings account. 
    This form is available electronically through iVisions, under the "Pay/Tax Information" tab.
    The same procedure is true when the employeees change banks or opens a different bank account(s) within the same bank.  The process still takes 2 pay periods.
    Payroll essentially has to cancel the first direct deposit and start up the new one.  Please remember to attached a VOIDED check to your Direct Deposit form ( Payroll does not accept deposit slips).
    NOTE: If you have closed your bank account, please let Payroll know immediately
Last Modified on August 7, 2020