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  • Professional Responsibilities Committee (PRC)
    Sharon Johnson, Lagos, Chair
  • The KEA Professional Responsibilities Committee (PRC) provides important services to our members. When you contact a PRC member about a professional or employment concern, you can expect a response in 24 hours and confidential, productive advice and assistance.

    PRC regularly helps members with questions about:

    • observations and performance evaluations
    • instructional practice
    • leaves, ACA usage, other employment benefits
    • employee conduct and discipline
    • challenges with students or parents
    • challenges with colleagues or supervisors
    • the Meet and Confer document and Board policy

    Contact a PRC representative immediately if:

    • you are assigned to home
    • you face discipline or conduct charges
    • you receive a rating of "Ineffective" on an evaluation or if you are on a PIP
    • you receive a subpoena or are asked to provide information on a student
    In addition to these local services, PRC can access legal advice through AEA Legal Services as needed.
    How to access PRC services: 
    Contact Kinorna or Christine by phone first.  Do not transmit any confidential information by email or by phone message.  Please transmit only your home phone number with your request for PRC assistance.
    Name       Location  Phone Extension
    Sharon Johnson- contact if assigned to home Lagos 3314
    Kinora Hernandez- contact if assigned to home Manitas

    1031 (KEA Office)

    Moira Turner D.O. 1277
    Scott Harnisch Norte


    Jill Patchin Lomas 3531

    Nathanael Garcia Cork

    Centennial 6505

    Jen Pooler

    Paloma 5146

    KEA members can always contact the KEA reps at their school for immediate assistance in resolving a problem, or the rep can access PRC for advice on your behalf. KEA maintains the PRC because we acknowledge that sometimes it’s difficult for a rep to get involved with an issue at their own school. And we realize that sometimes our members just need someone to talk to about an issue before it becomes a problem, wanting to maintain confidentiality.

    Your PRC reps are trained to assist you by listening, clarifying, strategizing, and advising. They are available to meet with you and attend meetings with you.

    It is always in your own best interest to contact a school rep or a PRC rep as soon as possible when you have a question or concern. And remember, it is the policy of KEA to provide grievance, due process, and assistance services to KEA members only. Your membership counts!
    What happens when you contact a member of PRC:
    •   Upon receipt of your message, a PRC member will contact you within 24 hours.

    •   You will be asked if you are a member of the Kyrene Education Association. *

    •   You will be asked who, in KEA, you have already contacted regarding your issue.

    •   You will be informed and assured of our policy of confidentiality.

    •   You will be asked to describe your specific circumstances and your desired outcomes.

    •   The PRC member will work with you to clarify, strategize, advise and assist.

    •   The PRC member will communicate your issue to the PRC chair and the KEA president to ensure effective communication within the Association and to ensure that you are receiving the best possible assistance. Confidentiality is maintained at each level.

    •   The PRC member or KEA president may also access AEA resources or AEA Legal services to assist you.

    Our committee is committed to providing each KEA member with effective assistance in the most timely manner. The KEA president is always accessible if there is ever any question about the process or delivery of services by PRC members.

    * If you join KEA during your involvement in a PRC situation, legal services are not available for that situation, and local services may be limited.

    Safeguard your options by becoming a KEA member now.



Last Modified on August 4, 2021