Welcome to Mrs. Zimmerman's 6th & 7th Grade Science!!




    Welcome to a new and exciting year of Science!  It is my goal to provide each student with  an enjoyable and successful Science experience which will serve him/her well today and in the future.  To accomplish this goal, students will participate in a variety of activities geared towards the acquisition and application of knowledge related to Science and technology.

    The following information will detail classroom behavior, homework, classroom expectations and syllabus (what we will cover in class this year).

    Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the student handbook - The student handbook is on-line:  Family Handbook  (no gum chewing, use of cell phones during school hours, appropriate language, etc.)  In addition, students are expected to follow lab safety rules for Science (we will go over these in class). If safety rules are not followed, it will result in the student not participating in the subsequent lab(s) and a zero grade for that particular assignment will be given.

    Assignments:   Assignments are due on the date specified.  No late work will be accepted for a grade. All assignments are expected to be turned in unless otherwise specified.  

    If a student is absent, he/she will be given one day for each day absent to make-up assignments missed. Long-term projects, test or quiz make-ups will be handled on an individual basis.

     All assignments should have proper headings:  your first and last name (not initials), date of the assignment, class period, and title of assignment.  Writing should be legible – meaning I should be able to read it without difficulty. Printing, cursive or typing is acceptable.

    Performance: Performance refers to how well a student does on graded assignments, quizzes or tests/projects.   A point system is used to keep track of these assessments.  The point system is as follows:

    100-90%=A, 89-80=B, 79-70=C, 69-60=D 59 and below=F

    Additional help/questions;  If, at any time, a student feels unclear or needs additional instruction, please let me know and arrangements will be made for help.

    Materials for Science: Students will need one (1) 1/2-inch binder, loose leaf paper, pencil,blue or black pens, colored pencils, calculator, and a clear ruler with both metric and inch markings.

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