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Kyrene Athletic Program
Participation, teamwork, development, and sportsmanship 
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Kyrene offers both “cut” and “non-cut” sports for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Cut sports include: soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheer, softball, and baseball. The non-cut athletic opportunities include cross country, wrestling, and track and field. Each year, over 3,000 middle school students from the Tempe, Chandler, and Phoenix area participate in the Kyrene Athletic Program. This Program provides a positive, high quality after-school sports program that emphasizes participation, teamwork, skill development, and sportsmanship.
Goals and objectives for every participant: 
  • Physical skills necessary in the sport or activity
  • An awareness of progressive skill requirements needed to continue in the growth of a specific sport or activity
  • Respect for the efforts, abilities, and rights of all others
  • The awareness of leadership responsibilities in school, community, and life contacts, as well as on the field
  • Active participation by all members of the team 
Participation Requirements: 
  • All students must have a current sports physical on file in order to try out;
  • Family accounts must reflect a zero balance in order to register or participate in any Community Education Program;
  • Payments must be made before the first practice for cut-sports and by the second practice for non-cut sports;
  • Financial Assistance is available, please inform your school's student services secretary if you will be submitting an application before you try-out for a cut-sport or attend the first practice for a non-cut sport.

For information regarding tryouts and practices, contact your Athletic Secretary (see contact information below).

Participation Forms/Agreements:
Brain Injury/Concussion Form (mild traumatic) (see concussion fact sheet below)
Health & Safety Information:
Athletic Program School Contacts:
Location Athletic Director Phone (480) Athletic Secretary
Akimel A-al
541-5805 Judy Cotharin
Altadeña Garth Cupp 541-6004 Annie Saccoman
Aprende Carl Nasuta 541-6205 Cathy Emery
Centennial Tim O'Donnell 541-6404 Deb Northrup
Kyrene Sarah Sottile 541-6604 Pam Adam
Pueblo Doug Olson 541-6804 Leanne Krigbaum
The Kyrene Athletic Coordinating Committee governs the program. The members will adhere to the guidelines and/or the rules of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA). The Committee sets the guidelines and includes six athletic directors and six athletic secretaries, along with District staff. All athletic programs are tax credit eligible.