• Head Lice Reported in Classroom


    Please check your child’s head for lice daily for the next week. If you see live lice follow the Six Steps to Get Rid of Head Lice.



    Head lice are tiny crawling bugs the size of sesame seeds (often light brown color). They do not hop, fly, or jump and are transmitted by personal head to head contact or occasionally by sharing hats, combs, brushes, pillows, etc. They lay eggs known as NITS that are small, white to brown, oval shaped eggs that are glued to the hair near the scalp and don’t flake out as dandruff does. They are commonly found around the ears and neck line. Scalp itching is a common symptom in many children.

    We suggest you check your child’s hair for lice on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Please keep this information for reference. If you have any questions, call your school’s health office.


    Children re-entering school must be checked by the Health Assistant before returning to the classroom.

Last Modified on June 15, 2021