• Treatments for Head Lice

    Six steps for treatment of head lice

    Head lice have been found in your child’s hair. It is important to treat your child today, so they can return to school tomorrow. Your prompt action will help them be back in school and not miss learning opportunities in the classroom. Use the following as a guide to rid your child of head lice:
    1. EXAMINE. Look first at the hair around the ears and neck.
      Then check the rest of the head. Check everyone who lives in your house.
    2. TREAT. Treat only those who have head lice with a lice treatment product (can be purchased at drug store with or without doctor’s prescription). Treat everyone who has lice at the same time.
      1. Follow package directions exactly when using medication.
      2. Do not use the medication/shampoo more often than the directions say.
    3. COMB. Lice shampoos do not remove the nits (eggs) from the hair so after treatment, comb the hair with a fine tooth comb to remove the nits (eggs), or remove manually. Continue to comb, using the lice comb daily for 7 days or until you don’t find any lice or eggs. Combing is a very important step!
    4. CLEAN. Wash bedding, clothes and towels using normal methods. Vacuum floors and furniture; soak combs, brushes and hair accessories in warm, soapy water. (Spraying furniture or carpeting with insecticide sprays is not necessary and may be dangerous to your family or pets).
    5. REPEAT. Many products recommend a second treatment 7-10 days after the first. Follow label directions. Continue to remove (comb out) lice or nits; continue to check daily until 1 week after last lice and egg is removed.
    6. NOTIFY. Notify your school, day care center and child’s playmates if you see head lice on your child.

    Call your Medical Provider if you have further questions or you have treated your child more than once with lice shampoo and live lice are still present.

    Children re-entering school must be checked by the Health Assistant before returning to the classroom.


    Daily Follow-up schedule 

    Day 1. Treat with lice shampoo. Follow all directions exactly. Use a nit comb to comb out any nits you see.
    Day 2. Do NOT wash hair today. Comb hair carefully using the nit comb and combing from the scalp to the end of the hair only to remove remaining nits.
    Day 3 to Day 7. Wash your child’s hair using your regular shampoo now. Rinse the hair and keep hair wet while combing out any remaining nits with the nit comb.
    Day 8 to Day 10. Re-treat with lice shampoo (to kill any lice that hatched since the first treatment). Follow the directions exactly.
    Day 11 to Day 14. Wash hair regularly and continue to check your child’s head for lice and to remove any nits.

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Last Modified on July 26, 2021