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Kyrene Governing Board Celebrates Poetry Contest Winners

April is National Poetry month and to celebrate, Kyrene poets from across the District were honored by the Kyrene Governing Board and Superintendent in front of their families and school leaders.

“This is my sixth year serving on the Governing Board, and without exception, this is my favorite meeting of the year,” said Kyrene Governing Board President Kevin Walsh. “We get to hear from and honor some of the amazing poets that we have in Kyrene.”

Twenty-seven young writers in Kindergarten through 8th grade were invited to the April 23 Governing Board meeting to receive a certificate and a copy of the 2024 anthology. Three students were invited up to the podium to read their poems.

  • Isabella Miller (Grade 3, Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary school) shared her poem, “I Am a Magical Person.”
  • Amir Al Khalidi (Grade 7, Kyrene Aprende Middle School) recited his poem, “Life and Death.”
  • Liia Reyes (Grade 7,  Kyrene Digital Academy) read her poem, “Learning Flowers.”

“These talented young minds have poured their hearts and imagination onto the pages, weaving words into vibrant tapestries of emotion and expression,” said Director of Academic Equity and Excellence Dr. Sarah Collins. “Through their poems, they offer glimpses into their own perspectives capturing moments of joy, reflection, inspiration and fun.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

Kyrene student poets with the Kyrene Governing Board and Superintendent.


Emil Munir, Kyrene del Norte Dual Language Academy

Elise Wollet, Kyrene del Milenio

Torin Baumgart, Kyrene de la Paloma Arts Integration Academy

First Grade:

Aaraadya Srivathsan, Kyrene del Cielo

Kennedy Burt, Kyrene de la Colina

Everly Robetoy, Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy

Second Grade:

Ryder Wick, Kyrene de la Estrella

Chase Esposito, Kyrene Monte Vista

Whitney Crouch, Kyrene de la Sierra

Third Grade:

Camila Zisler, Kyrene de los Cerritos Leadership Academy

Madyx Simon, Kyrene del Milenio

Isabella Miller, Kyrene de la Estrella

Fourth Grade:

Isaac Sallee, Kyrene de los Cerritos Leadership Academy

Kayla Armsterd, Kyrene Traditional Academy

Shane Naughton, Kyrene de la Colina

Fifth Grade:

Clara DeMaris, Kyrene Monte Vista

Carson Nighswonger, Kyrene de la Paloma Arts Integration Academy

Maya Elhassan, Kyrene de las Manitas Innovation Academy

Sixth Grade:

Ellie Grimm, Kyrene Middle School

Alexa Powers, Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School

Willa Chivers, Kyrene Altadeña Middle School

Seventh Grade:

Liia Reyes, Kyrene Digital Academy

Vivian Villalobos, Kyrene Altadeña Middle School

Amir Al Khalidi, Kyrene Aprende Middle School

Eighth Grade:

Nick Delarosa, Kyrene Digital Academy

Madelynn Mascarenas, Kyrene Aprende Middle School

Kolby Isetta, Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School