Instructional Resources for At Home Learning

  • Continue Summer Learning

    Many families have asked what they can do this summer to help bridge any possible gaps in student learning. Reading is one of the most important activities that families can do over school breaks to maintain learning levels. Reading can be independent reading or reading aloud to children or teens. Please watch this short video about strategies to “Stop the Summer Slide.”

    Kyrene is providing supplemental reading resources not only this summer but also through next year and next summer. The two identified resources for elementary students are Literacy Pro by Scholastic and Rivet by Area 120 Google. Both resources are accessible through Clever and will be available as early May 26. 

    Supplemental reading is also available for middle school students. MyPerspectives, the middle school English Language Arts curriculum, includes an extra unit of study that is not used during the school year as well as a digital library with hundreds of classic titles.

    Another great way to support student learning over the summer is to continue to work with mathematics. Students have access to i-Ready (K-5 math and middle school intervention) or Mathia (middle school math). Using the online learning platform for even 30 to 45 minutes per week can keep skills sharp. For an extra challenge, check out Open Middle Math or Khan Academy.

    All resources that have been available during school closure will remain available during the summer. We will maintain all Learn at Home resources on the website. Any resource that requires a login will be available through July 17. After July 17, student passwords are reset in preparation for the next school year.

    Finally, we are aware that there will be topics that were missed or may not have been completely mastered during the 4th quarter. Identifying these potential learning gaps will be most important in subjects that build directly on foundational knowledge like mathematics and phonics. This summer, we will analyze all of our curriculum guides for these critical topics and identify opportunities within the next year to capture that learning. 

    Literacy Pro by Scholastic - K-5 students access through Clever on Kyrene Educational Resources

    Rivet Reading - K-5 students access through Clever on Kyrene Educational Resources

    Wixie Lessons and Activities - K-2 students access through Clever on Kyrene Educational Resources

    Google Classroom Lessons - Students in grades 3-8 access through Kyrene Educational Resources


    Enrichment Lessons

    The chart provides links to resources for distance learning and links to pages for enrichment lessons. 

    If viewing this page on a mobile device, click HERE to view the table.

    gen inst  Special Ed Supports  distance learn  phase 2

    Elem Library  Elem PE   Elem Art  
            Elem Music  Elem Gifted  SLA         

     MS FACS   MS PE   MS STEM   MS Visual Arts  

    MS Chorus   MS Theatre   MS Instrumental   



Last Modified on November 6, 2020