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Safety & Security

Kyrene School District Emergency Operations

The safety of students, staff and visitors is the highest priority in Kyrene School District. Kyrene provides a safe environment for teaching and learning through continual training, secure facilities, and a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan. Kyrene’s systems are scalable and flexible to adapt to the evolving needs of our schools. 

For active situations, visit the Kyrene 911 page

Emergency Operations Plan  |  Key Personnel  |  Communications  |  Key Partners

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Emergency Operations Plan

Kyrene School District has a detailed Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that is reviewed and optimized annually by the District’s Emergency Management Team, in partnership with local law enforcement. Each school campus in Kyrene has a School Safety Plan, which aligns with the District’s EOP and is also reviewed and practiced continually.


  • Every school conducts regular lockdown, shelter-in-place, and evacuation drills throughout the year.
  • Every school has a site security team responsible for oversight of the School Safety Plan.
  • Every school has security features to prevent access to school buildings. Features may include, but are not limited to: 
    • 360 degree video surveillance virtual fence 
    • 24/7 security monitoring
    • perimeter fencing
    • Electronically controlled badge access for exterior doors
    • secure front lobbies
  • Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVA’s) are conducted regularly by law enforcement .
  • Kyrene actively monitors and mitigates digital threats, bullying and other online concerns, through the use of both AI tools and human monitoring. 
  • Kyrene employees dedicated security personnel and partners with local law enforcement and the community for additional support. (see Key Personnel, below)
  • Kyrene uses an internal crisis line to streamline communications and response in the event of an emergency.


Superintendent Spotlight on Safety and Security


Key Personnel

Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility across Kyrene. It takes the commitment of all employees, strong partnerships with emergency responders, and the support of our community.

Kyrene Emergency Management Team (EMT): The EMT is based on the FEMA Incident Command System, and team members complete FEMA/NIMS training courses. The EMT is made up of District administrators and key staff who have knowledge and experience supporting schools during crisis situations.

School Resource Officers: Most middle schools in Kyrene have a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO), assigned by our local police departments. SROs serve as positive role models on our campuses, building relationships with students in support of positive learning environments. They are trained in de-escalation, emergency response, and prevention. SROs also conduct daily Law Related Education (LRE) classes with students. (Additional Information: ADE School Safety Program)

Safety & Security Personnel: Kyrene has a dedicated Safety & Security Coordinator, with law enforcement experience, to oversee District and school safety operations, and daytime security officers to provide direct response to schools in the event of a crisis.



Important: To ensure timely communication with families in the event of an emergency, it is critical that families keep emergency contact information up to date. Families can verify or update their contact information in ParentVue. If you need help accessing ParentVue, please contact your child’s school for an access code or additional support. 

During a crisis, Kyrene may communicate with families through email, text, and phone dialer, as appropriate. The fastest and most effective of these, during an active situation, is text message. Families must opt in to receive texts. To opt in, first verify that your mobile number is correct in ParentVue, then simply text “Y” or “yes” to 67587.

In the event of a prolonged situation, with a series of regular updates, the District uses as a central communications hub. 


Key Partners

  • Tempe Police Department
  • Chandler Police Department
  • Phoenix Police Department
  • Maricopa County Sheriff's Department
  • Gila River Police Department
  • Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
  • Tempe Fire Department
  • Chandler Fire Department 
  • Phoenix Fire Department