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Program Information

Mission Statement

The Title VI Native American Program of Kyrene School District collaborates with parents, schools, and community organizations to empower Native students culturallysocially, and academically.   


 Working closely with schools in the Kyrene School District to create connections between teachers, parents, and organizations such as the Prevention team, Native American Parent Advisory Committee, and other tribal and cultural organizations.


To assist Native students in the Kyrene School District to be more confident and able to excel in their future roles 


Helping students to develop a stronger sense of self and feel proud of their cultural backgrounds by meeting in affinity groups, attending cultural events, and increasing culturally relevant curriculum in their classrooms.


Helping students develop the leadership and communication skills necessary for navigating different environments by improving communication between families and schools and assisting in providing resources for families in need.


Helping students develop the academic skills they need to control their futures and achieve their goals by providing reading and math interventions when necessary and increasing cultural relevance in their classrooms.


Who is Eligible for Services?

Native American student lists are compiled based on the completion of the Indian Certification 506 form and the Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ) form when student are registered for school.

  • Federally Recognized member of a tribe, band or other organized group of Indians including those terminated since 1940.
  • Child or grandchild of any such member mentioned above
  • An Inuit, Aleut or other Alaskan Native.
  • Considered by the Secretary of the Department of Interior to be an Indian