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Purposity at Kyrene

Purposity - Your Tool For Good

Last year, our community helped 231 Kyrene families with Purposity

Are you looking for a simple way to support families in our community? Whether it is an outfit for a child who has outgrown her clothes, or household items for a family that lost everything in a fire, lending a helping hand to Kyrene families has never been easier.

What is Purposity?

Purposity is an online application that allows school staff to share specific student needs with users, who can then choose to fill that need. All donations and contributions go directly to the student or family. Last year, thanks to our community’s incredible generosity, Kyrene helped 231 families, including students from every single Kyrene school.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to give is easy. Simply enter your mobile number and zip code at You will receive a single weekly text alert that a Kyrene student needs an alarm clock, a pair of shoes or anything else many of us may take for granted.

When Kyrene families face hardship, we know that we can always count on our community to come together to make a difference. Your kindness and compassion continue to amaze us.

Help Kyrene Families Near You with Purposity

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