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Fine Arts Programs

The arts develop self-esteem and self-expression


Art Education. Students, grades K-5, participate in an art specialist designed lesson once a week in the art classroom. Instructors are experienced artists and deliver excellent lessons that follow the scope and sequence of the National Art Standards. Art education develops self-esteem and self-expression, as well as appreciation for cultural diversity and the work of others. Kyrene art teachers collaborate with educational professionals to integrate art into other subjects and to bring Math, Social Studies and Language skills into Art lessons. An annual Art Show at the District office showcases the wonderful work of the students in drawing, painting, textile arts, and clay.

Music Education. Music Education has been proven to improve early cognitive development, math and reading skills.  Students attend weekly music classes where a love and appreciation for music is fostered. Highly-qualified Music specialists provide a balanced sequential curriculum based on the State and National Standards. Music training helps develop language, math and reasoning skills. In our music classes, students learn how to play pitched and non-pitched instruments. They also move to, sing, read, notate and compose music. 


Middle School

Middle Schools offer personal student choice of daily classes in Theater, Art, Orchestra, Band, or Chorus.

Art Education. Students learn to identify attributes of various art forms and styles. Highly-qualified teachers lead students as they learn to draw, paint, sketch, create sculptures and explore many avenues of art. Visual arts of various cultures are introduced. An annual Art Show at the District Office showcases the wonderful work of the students in drawing, painting, textile arts, photography, mixed-media and clay.

Music Education. We value Music as a critical learning tool that keeps students engaged in school, helps develop well-rounded individuals and encourages skills that are vital for success in the 21st century. Music instruction is designed for students interested in learning music elements, theory and playing band or orchestra instruments. Chorus students learn to sing music written in two and three parts, with good expression, breath control and technical accuracy.  Students receive group instruction and perform in concerts during the school year. Students learn music of different genres and cultures. An Honor Festival is held in collaboration with High School Educators in the Spring. Individual school sites also offer Jazz Bands, Mariachi Ensembles, Handbell Ensembles, Show Choirs, or Guitar Classes, and Visual Art and Drama Clubs. Each of the six middle schools offer a Performing Arts Tour in the Spring with performance opportunities at National Music Festivals and in the Disneyland Parks or New York City.

Theater Education. Theatre Arts education fosters self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to think quickly and work cooperatively in teams. Students experience a wide variety of drama instruction based on sequential standards in Acting and Technical Theatre. A focus on becoming comfortable in front of an audience, staging, and group work is emphasized. Students may be involved in in-class performances as an application of learning. Extra-curricular opportunities may include fully staged plays and musicals, improvisation shows and drama showcases.

Arts Integration

Arts Integration is an exciting approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form in every classroom. With support from trainings through the Kennedy Center for the Arts, teachers and students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets objectives in both. The Arts integration approach to teaching is being implemented at Paloma and Pueblo over a five year period which began with teacher trainings in the 2015-16 school year. Learn more about Arts Integration.