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Dual Language Middle School

Dual Language Middle School Program


Our Middle School Program continues to provide Dual Language students with the opportunity to continue their path towards proficiency in Spanish.

Program goals for all students:

The Dual Language Program is designed for high academic achievement in all content areas. Goals for this program include bilingualism, biliteracy, multi-cultural awareness, as well as global citizenship. Students attain high levels of proficiency in both English and Spanish while learning grade level academic content.

Our Focus:

  • High academic achievement
  • English and Spanish language fluency and literacy
  • Positive cross-cultural attitudes promoting high self-esteem
  • Implementation of the Arizona’s Standards
  • Use of district adopted textbooks, and state of the art technology
  • Access to language and culture study that is integrated into the entire school experience
Model: 30/70 model
Students will be taught the following classes in Spanish.
  • Spanish Language Arts
  • Social Studies

For more information or to schedule a tour contact:

Kyrene Middle School
(480) 541-6600

Akimel A-al Middle School
(480) 541-5800