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    Welcome to Mrs. Nielsen's

    6th, 7th and 8th Grade Math



    Room 115
    enielsen@kyrene.org | 480.541.6115
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    black paw  WELCOME TO MATH CLASS Version 3.0!!!
    black paw  Supplies needed for 6th period 7th Grade math classes; 1 inch binder, notebook, pencils
    We will be using Carnegie Math Books and Mathia, with supplements. 
     Homework is on the assignment Calender Page, almost always given Monday through Thursday. Mathia Assignment Page
    black paw  Supplies needed for intervention classes; composition book, pocket folder, pencils, ear buds.
    black paw  WELCOME To Math Intervention!!
    We are using Iready in class, the goal is to complete at least 1 lesson and 50 minutes each week.
    There is a link to Iready on the student resources page. Students will also be completing other activities in class. Grades are based solely on class work, there is no homework, except for missed class work.
    Here is a link for families;