Purpose Statement

  • Parent/Superintendent Council
    The purpose of Parent Superintendent Council (PSC) is to increase the communication between Kyrene School district's parent community the Superintendent and Kyrene leadership.  Representatives from each school attend meetings 8 times per year with District Administration in order to:
    • Obtain information on district initiatives, departments, resources, changes and other topics of interest to the community.


    • Participate in small group discussions and brainstorming sessions that are shared with the entire group.


    • Convey information back to the parent community


    • Share information and /or feedback from the respective parent communities with the rest of the PSC group. 
    Representatives may be asked to participate in sub-committees and assist in hosting and facilitating forums, discussion groups, neighborhood meetings or other opportunities to engage community members in dialog when needed.  The desire is to proactively address topics of interest or concern to ensure the entire community has (or knows  where to obtain) accurate information and knows how to participate and share opinions, suggestions or additional ideas.

    Role and Expectations of PSC Representatives
    1. Consistently attend PSC meetings and obtain information on district initiatives, departments, resources and changes.
    2. Convey information back to the parent community using a variety of strategies including but not limited to PTO reporting, Site Council reporting and newsletter summaries. (Key phrase: the information can’t stop with the representative.) Be prepared to respond to questions or provide references for topics reported.
    3. Assist in hosting and facilitating regional forums when needed in order to help the school district understand parent perspectives and perceptions.
    4. Actively seek information needed to communicate with parent community. 
    Agenda Setting
    1. A feedback form will be provided at the meetings where suggestions for future agenda items can be made.
    2. A PSC Agenda-Planning Team will meet to review the suggestions and identify topics for the following meeting.