• “Let’s Move in Schools-Kyrene” is an initiative that will lead our schools and community toward choosing a more physically active life which will lead to greater success and improved health now and in the future. It is a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program that incorporates movement throughout a student’s day.

    The Let's Move in School Logo that defines the 5 areas of a comprehensive school physical activity program.

    Let’s Move in School is structured around a quality physical education program. Kyrene’s quality Physical Education program includes:

    1. A nationally recognized curriculum- Kyrene Elementary Physical Education employs The Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children curriculum; Middle School is currently restructuring curriculum to meet the new National Standards for Physical Education.
    2. Is taught by state certified teachers.
    3. Teaches health related fitness concepts.
    4. Includes innovative programs like First Tee Golf, Lacrosse, Physical Best, and Project Adventure.
    5. Uses technology during lessons such as pedometers, heart monitors, and computers.
    6. Meets the State Standards. 

    Currently, Kyrene elementary student attend Physical Education class once a week for 45 minutes. Middle School students enrolled in physical education rotate on an A/B schedule.

    Kyrene has developed a strategic plan to implement a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program for Kyrene students. Goals have been set in the areas of:

    • Physical Education
    • Physical Activity Before and After School
    • Physical Activity During School
    • Staff Involvement
    • Family and Community Involvement

    This site is designed to support students, parents, teachers and administrators to increase physical activity and learn about healthy eating. Each month will highlight a Let’s Move in Schools-Kyrene theme.

    August: Let’s Build a Team!
    September: Let’s Get F.I.T.T.
    October: Let’s Get Healthy!
    November: Let’s Run!
    December: Let’s Give Ourselves the Gift of Health!
    January: Let’s Set Some Health Goals!
    February: Let’s Build a Healthy Heart!
    March: Let’s Eat Wise and Exercise…Get Balanced!
    April: Let’s Spring into Fitness!
    May: Let’s Move TO School, IN School, and AFTER School
    June & July: Let’s be Safe!

    Information and links will be provided under each of the menu items provided.

Last Modified on September 7, 2012