January 13-17


    January 13-17
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    Monday, 1/13


    Geography of South America

    Open Book Assessment 







    Tuesday, 1/14



     Textbook sections on South America geography assignment

    If students are not finished with the two page assignment, they need to finish for homework tonight.  We will go over answers tomorrow prior to turning in.

     Come prepared to ask about any of the assignment quesitons that were more difficult.  Mr. Collins will choose 10 questions at random to grade for assessment points.  



    Wednesday, 1/15






    Thursday, 1/16

      PERIODS 1/5/6:  South America Today:  Indigegous Cultures

    Textbook Assignment  Textbook Page

     HOMEWORK:  Finish the textbook assignment

    PERIODS 2/4:  South America Today group lesson project


    Friday, 1/17

     PERIODS 1/5/6:  South America Today:  Language Diversity

    Textbook page  Worksheet

    On the back of the worksheet, students are to answer the Language Lab questions as well as write a 7-10 sentence summary using the section's main idea as the topic sentence.


    PERIODS 2/4

    South America Today group lesson project