November 11-15


    November 18-22
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    Monday, 11/18

     PERIODS 1/5/6:  Aztec Essay

    By the end of class today, students should have drafts for body paragraphs 1 and 2.  If not, please finish these drafts for homework.  Ongoing Essay Outline


    PERIODS 2/4:  Mexican Independence Extended Research Assignment  Project Requirements

    Study for Thursday's quiz on the background information

    Study Guide Questions Information


    Weekly Extra Credit Assignment

    Tuesday, 11/19

     PERIODS 1/5/6:  Aztec DBQ Essay

    By the end of today's class, students should have drafts written for the intro and all 3 body paragraphs. 



    PERIODS 2/4:  Mexican Independence Extended Research Project





    Wednesday, 11/20




     PERIODS 1/5/6:  Azted DBQ essay:  Outline/draft for conclusion paragraph

     PERIODS 2/4:  Mexican Independence Extended Research Project

    Study for your quiz tomorrow

    Thursday, 11/21

       PERIODS 1/5/6:  Aztec DBQ:  Typing

    Feedback process:  Essays will be typed in a google doc.  Once the student has finished typing their five paragraphs, share the document with Mr. Collins.  He will give you specific feedback, and a day in which the essay should be finalized and turned in.  Students who are awaiting feedback/finished with essay will move on to a different assignment


    PERIODS 2/4:  Mexican Independence background informaiton quiz


    Friday, 11/22

     PERIODS 1/5/6:  Azted DBQ Essay/New Spain Poseter

     PERIODS 2/4:  last day of class time for Mexican Indpendence Extended Research Project.  Final projects are due by next Friday