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    Altadeña offers a variety of clubs, activities and organizations for students.  Please see club information below.


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    KAMS Broadcasting
    Contact: Mr. Nienaber

    Students from all grade levels who are part of Digital Arts or Media Production or Theater classes are welcome to join the Broadcast Club and Video Graphics Club as they prepare the morning announcements. Students can be members either as tech, preparing graphics, video, and filming the morning announcements.

    Students can also be involved as on-air talent, although they are required to go through an audition process. Students taking Theater are encouraged to audition.

    Students behind the camera are asked to work at least 2 days a week, while anchors are assigned to work one day. Students must be able to arrive at 7:30 in the morning on the day(s) they are working.

    The main objective of the club is to produce the morning announcements for the student body each school day. Some students will be involved in pre-broadcast work in the area of graphics, photography and video. Most of this work is done during their class time in Media Production/Digital Arts. Most digital art students will be involved in handling the production side of the announcements on the morning of the broadcast. All students will learn how to work as a team as a critical part of the Altadena community.

    Occasionally, there are full club meetings before school.

    National Junior Honor Society

    Contact: Mrs. Lucas

    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  NJHS students and their peers volunteer in their communities at the highest rates and make connecting with and serving within the community a priority.

    Student Council

    Contact: Ms. Adams, Mrs. Jump and Mr. Smith

    Altadena Student Council supports the school vision by promoting and providing leadership opportunities to help prepare and empower student leaders to serve their schools and communities. 

    Altadena Student Council focuses on four core values:

    Leadership – Supporting and empowering student leadership by building skills, opportunities, and knowledge

    Engagement – Encouraging students to become involved in the school and community decision-making, activities and service learning

    Activism – Helping build a climate of caring and respect through service to others, teamwork, and involvement

    Democratic process – Promoting student voice by giving every student an opportunity to be heard and involved

    Drama Club

    Contact: Ms. Hensley

    Drama Club is open to all students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, working as an ensemble, set building, and costume/makeup design. Drama Club can help students develop confidence in speaking and performing and helps develop meaningful relationships with one another. The Drama Club meets two Mondays a month after school from 3:10-4:00. We play theatre games as well as create skits, develop improv skills and help support the Panther Paw Theatre shows by assisting with set building/painting.

    Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA)

    Contact: Ms.Corbett and Ms.Monson

    GSA is a club for students who identify as LGBTQ+, have family or friends that do, or are straight allies, that want to have a safe place to hang out with their friends before school on Wednesday mornings. As purely a social space, friends gather to work on homework, listen to music, play games, draw, and just hang out and have a good time.

    Art Club

    Contact: Mrs. Berg

    The Art club is a safe place where students can come to create arts and crafts. Students are welcome to use it as studio time or to participate in the handful of guided projects along with the facilitator, Mrs. Berg. Guided projects will include the following: mosaic coasters, weaving, printmaking, painting, and other miscellaneous crafts. The club will be held after school for the 2nd and 3rd quarters only, with a limited number of students.

    Engineering Club

    Contact: Mr. Jordan

    The purpose of the Altadena Engineering Club is to inspire and support students who are interested in learning more about Engineering. The club’s focus is to help students become better problem solvers and more creative through hands-on learning activities. Students will have the opportunity to build robots, become more proficient in CAD and 3D printing, and participate in fun engineering design challenges. Everyone is welcome to join the Altadena Engineering Club; taking STEM as a class is not a requirement to participate.

    No Place for Hate

    Contact: Ms. Ramseyer

    No Place for Hate® initiative provides schools and communities with an organizing framework for combating bias, bullying and hatred, leading to long-term solutions for creating and maintaining a positive climate. Kyrene Altadena Middle School's No Place for Hate Chapter will empower its participants to facilitate campus-wide anti-bias and diversity-related activities. The No Place for Hate Altadena Chapter meets before school on Thursdays, twice a month, from 7:45am - 8:15am.

    Chess Club

    Contact: Ms.Brennan

    The purpose of the Chess Club is to learn how to play or improve upon members' current chess skills. Chess can help students increase math skills, expand verbal skills, develop self-discipline, as well as improve concentration. Chess Club is held after school on Mondays, from 3:15 to 4:30 pm. Members will need a ride or permission to walk home after meetings.


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