Student Expectations

    Digital Arts is a project based class where students choose the projects they wish to complete. Twelve projects are due every quarter and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced in the area of photography, graphics, and video. Students will be using digital cameras, camcorders, drawing tablets, etc. To compose and edit, students use software titles such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and other Adobe Creative Cloud titles.


    Generally, students are able to choose from a continually growing library of projects that utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud software titles. Students are only able to a certain number of beginner and Level 1 projects before exploring more difficult projects. 



    By checking Student or Parent View, you can see the progress of a students progress.

    Missing Grades - Although I have no set time table on projects, students should be turning in at least one project a week. When reviewing grades, if there are any missing assignments they will be indicated in the student/parent view. When students do turn in a project any missing assignments are filled in first. if a Student gets behind by three projects an email will be sent to let parents know of the situation. Missing projects are given full credit. If the situation continues, I will replace the missing projects with a grade of zero. Again, once these projects are completed the grades are changed for full credit. 

    What I am Looking For

    When grading a project, I am mostly looking for the student effort and following the steps of the project. In most cases grades are earned through the number of projects completed:


    A - 11-12 projects with an average of 90% or better

    B - 9-10 projects completed with an average of 90% or better

    C - 7-8 projects completed with an average of 90% or better

    D - 5-6 projects completed with an average of 90% or better

    F- Less than 5 projects completed