• Communications and Marketing

  • Communications & Marketing

    The Kyrene Communications & Marketing team provides the District with consistent, professional communication and marketing services that enhance the Kyrene brand of excellence in education. Our Mission is to facilitate communication among internal and external stakeholders, to promote Kyrene's role as a leader among Arizona school districts, and to provide direction on the development and execution of best practices for all Kyrene communications.

    Family Communication

    The primary role of the Communications & Marketing team is to ensure Kyrene families and employees are informed of important news, programs and decisions that impact our students and staff. Kyrene communicates with families through the use of SchoolMessenger, which automatically enrolls parents for school and District emails as well as emergency alert calls. Both families and staff can also sign up for text message alerts by texting "Y" or "yes" to 67587.

    » SchoolMessenger FAQ  
    Communications & Marketing also plays a key role on Kyrene's Emergency Response Team, ensuring timely communication with families in the event of a school crisis. During an active emergency, families may be kept informed via phone call, text message, the Kyrene 911 page, and social media.


    We support the District's commitment to providing a wide array of educational options through the promotion of choice programs, preschool, and before/after-school programming. Our team uses integrated marketing strategies to engage the community, promote student enrollment, and celebrate the success of our Kyrene students, staff, and schools.  

    Digital Media

    Communications & Marketing has oversight of the Kyrene School District website and social media channels. We additionally provide support for school websites and school Facebook accounts.

    News Media

    Strong media relationships are a key piece of a successful communication strategy. Kyrene welcomes media inquiries and asks that all requests for interviews or information be directed to Kyrene Communications. (480-541-1516)

    Community Engagement and Public Information  

    Communications & Marketing is also responsible for building partnerships with our neighbors throughout the Kyrene community. We encourage businesses and organizations interested in supporting Kyrene schools to visit our Community pages.


    Communications and Marketing:  

    Our team engages the community, promotes student enrollment, and celebrates the success of our Kyrene students, staff, and schools




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