• 2016-17 Budget Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the timeline for development/approval of the Kyrene District budget?

    District Administration began the conversation on the 2016-17 budget in October 2015, with the District Leadership Council and the Governing Board. At the November 24 Governing Board Meeting, the District presented its preliminary budget projection and the Governing Board provided direction on proceeding with development of key issues in the budget.

    Study sessions addressing each of these budget issues have taken place and will continue through March.

    The Superintendent will then present to the Board a budget recommendation in April, reflecting the discussions with the Board and key stakeholders, and over the next several weeks, a final budget recommendation will be presented, as required by state statute, prior to the second Governing Board meeting in June. The final 2016-17 budget must be adopted by the first Governing Board meeting in July.

    What is the initial projection for the 2016-17 budget?

    Unlike in previous years, the projection for the 2016-17 budget does not anticipate a deficit or reduction in spending.

    As the result of a combination of a higher than expected balance in our reserve fund (attributed to revenues exceeding expectations and expenses coming in lower than projected) and the possibility of additional revenue from the state in our base funding and an adjustment in funding for inflation, the budget for 2016-17 will likely include additional resources for several funding priorities.

    Funding priorities, as presented by the District with preliminary support of the Governing Board include:

    • restoration of school budgets
    • purchasing of instructional resources
    • funding to restore special area programs and expand middle school exploratories
    • staff compensation

    Where will the additional money from the State come from?

    After years of negotiation, the legislature and the plaintiffs in the education lawsuit reached an agreement to settle the lawsuit. The agreement, if approved during a special election to be held on May 17, 2016, will provide $3.5 billion to K-12 public education in Arizona to increase the per student base level of funding (from $3,427 to $3,600) and restore an adjustment in funding for inflation. In Kyrene, that will amount to approximately $3.3 million for the 2016-17 school year. The funds will come from a combination of existing state general fund revenue and funding from the Arizona State Land Trust.

    When will school budgets be restored?

    The Governing Board, at their meeting on January 12, 2016, approved an immediate restoration of $500,000 to school budgets. The allocation per school was determined based on the percentage of the actual budget reduction made last year. The funds were to be used in Maintenance & Operations, Capital or Sub- Budget items, at the principal’s discretion, including things like supplies, library books, additional lunch duty and crossing guard support.

    How do I, as staff, a parent or community member stay informed on the development and status of the budget?

    Dr. Schauer will provide updates on the budget in his regularly scheduled messages to staff and the community. Make sure you have subscribed to the Kyrene newsletters (https://www.kyrene.org/Page/2790) to receive these updates.

    You can also view the presentations on the budget projection and each of the funding priorities as presented to the Governing Board here:

    2016-17 budget projection (go to 40:28 in the video)
    Restoration of school budgets (go to 1:30:34 in the video)
    Purchasing of instructional resources (go to 31:06)
    Middle School Study Session—January 12
    Middle School Study Session—January 26
    Staff compensation—February 9

    For a schedule of future Governing Board meetings, visit the Governing Board webpage. Meetings are available via livestream, or can be viewed at a later date via the Kyrene YouTube channel. Links to both are available on the website.