Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary School

  • Address/Phone Numbers

    1122 E. Liberty Lane,
    Phoenix, AZ  85048 (view map)

    (480) 541-5200
    (480) 541-5210 fax
    (480) 541-5201 attendance

    School Mascot: Suns 
    Grades: K-5

    Office Hours

    Monday-Friday 7:10am - 3:10pm


    School Hours

    Start Time End Time
    7:30a 1:45p

    Before School Supervision: 7:10a
    First Bell: 7:25a
    Tardy Bell: 7:30a


    Important Links

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    Important School Contacts

    (all KSD phone numbers begin with (480) 541-xxxx ) 
    Principal Brian Gibson 5200
    Assistant Principal Scott Shelberg 5200
    School Secretary Kim Clithero 5202
    Office/Attendance Clerk Cindy Taylor 5203
    School Psychologist

    Laura Armstrong

    Health Assistant Selena Maiefski 5220
    Cafeteria Manager Lily Chong 5226
    Counselor Jessie Davis 5312







Last Modified on September 3, 2020