outside of kyrene de los lagos

Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School

  • Address/Phone Numbers

    17001 S. 34th Way
    Phoenix, AZ 85048 (view map)
    (480) 541-3200
    (480) 541-3210 fax
    (480) 541-3201 attendance
    Grades: PreK-5
    Mascot: Mustangs

    Office Hours

    Monday-Friday: 7:10 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.
    On Early Release Days the office closes at 1:10pm.

    School Hours

    Start Time End Time Early Diss.
    7:30a 1:45p 12:30p
    Before School Supervision: 7:10a
    First Bell: 7:25a
    Tardy Bell: 7:30a

    Important Links


    Important School Contacts

    (all KSD phone numbers begin with (480) 541-xxxx )

    Principal Felicia Williams  3200
    Assistant Principal   Alejandro Vasquez  3251
    School Secretary Melanie Littlefield  3202
    Office/Attendance Stacy Huerta  3203
    Counselor Karla Rodriguez  3224
    Psychologist Monique Hayes  3222
    Health Assistant  Shirley Walter  3220
    Cafeteria Manager  Elennor Garcia   3226
    Building Manager Matthew Griffin  3225
    Kids Club Coordinator  Desirae Smith  3230
Last Modified on April 8, 2021