About Mrs. Landis
    Dear Parents and Students,

    Wow, welcome to the 2020-2021 School year at Aprende Middle School!

    Education and Career

    My student teaching was at the ASU STEM Preparatory Academy in 2016.  I received my BAE in Elementary Ed./STEM in 2017.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of both the STEM degree and working in a 5th/6th grade STEM classroom at ASU where there is so much ground breaking work being done in STEM.  In 2017 I started at Aprende teaching math and science both grade level and advanced for each content area.  For the 2018 school year  I was offered the STEM teacher position which is my passion and I couldn't have been more excited. STEM is the most interesting combination of really fun stuff!

    About Me

    One husband - We have been married for 27 years

    Two children - Tanner, ASU graduate Robotics Engineering

                          Dani, ASU student, Mechanical Engineering

    Tons of Animals:  Currently - Goats, Chickens, Dogs, Tortoise and a Bearded Dragon.  In the past:  pigs, horses, a cow, a goose, sheep, ducks and turkeys.

    Classroom Mission Statement

    A community built on kindness and respect.

    In an atmosphere of service and responsibility.

    With the purpose of exploring Science Technology Engineering and Math,

    by solving real world problems and sharing what

    we learn with others.

    I cannot wait to get to know my 2021-2022 STEM Students!

    small paw