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    Grace Saunders
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    "Ah, music, a magic far beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore

    Kyrene Bands Handbook (includes supply list)


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    IB Syllabus (Band)

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    Important information for KMS band students:
    spiral   Students should rent an instrument from a music store.  An extremely limited supply of school instruments may be available for students who cannot rent from a store, but music stores have better instruments and can offer opportunities for insurance, repairs, and rent-to-own that our school cannot.
    spiral   All band students need a KMS Band polo shirt. These are only available through the school; please see Ms. Saunders for orders.  The same polo may be used all 3 years of middle school.
    spiral  6th grade/ 1st year 7th grade will use the book Accent on Achievement book 1 and receive additional warm ups and performance music in class.
    spiral  2nd year 7th grade will use the book Accent on Achievement book 2 and receive additional warm ups and performance music in class. 
    spiral  Advanced Band (all 8th grade and some 7th grade) will work entirely on performance music and will not use a band method book.  Each year, 8th Grade Band also auditions for a performance and/or workshop inside Disneyland on one of their stages inside the park.  We have been accepted every year we have auditioned.