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    What's The Buzz?
    Monday, April 19:  AzM2 Math Test II (In-Person Only)
    Tuesday, April 20:  AzM2 Writing Test (FLEX Only)
    Wednesday, April 21:  AzM2 Reading Test I & II (FLEX Only)
    Thursday, April 22:  AzM2 Math Test I & II (FLEX Only)
    Thursday, April 22:  M4:T1 Test (In-Person)
    Friday, April 23:  M4T1 Test (FLEX)
    Weekly Assignment Calendar
     Mon ~ 4/19  Tues ~ 4/20 Weds ~ 4/21  Thurs ~ 4/22  Fri ~ 4/23

     M4: Review

    Day 1

    M4: Review

    Day 2



    M4:Unit 1


    Due:  Friday!



    Review Due Today!


    or MATHia


    MATHia Due Today!
     *Students should be spending on average an hour working on the MATHia as part of their weekly homework.