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    Welcome to Mr. Bertling's

    6th Grade Science & STEM Class Page

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    Weekly Homework Calenders

    1st Period Gryffindor 

    2nd Period Ravenclaw

    5th Period Hufflepuff 

    6th Period Slytherin 

    I would suggest going to the plus symbol in the bottom right corner of the calendar and adding it to you own set of Google Calenders on your computer and phone. 

    School Supplies: 

    • Make sure you have a the following supplies so you are prepared for all possible activities...

      •  Composition Notebook dedicated to science 

      • Several Pencils or Pens so you have backups

      • Colored Pencils to aid in illustration and diagrams of scientific concepts 

      • Scissors 

      • Ruler

      • Glue: Stick is easier but Elmers liquid glue holds the best. If you know how to use liquid glue go with that BUT be careful with it in your backpack.

    • Classroom Donations: Click Here For Amazon Wish List

    •  Note: Some of the wish list material is for STEM class and not 6th science. If it is a motor, propellors, soldering materials etc... then those items are STEM related. I need those items the most!


      Any purchases on Amazon will be shipped directly to the school! 

      Generosity made easy :) 


      • Tissue: we use this up fast but it is nice for students to have access to when they have a runny nose and it cuts down transmission when its in a tissue and not whipped directly on a desk. I know yuck! 

      • Paper Towels: we use this up fast when we cleaning the room.

      • Masking Tape: lots of activities end up needing strong tape

      • Clorox Wipes: Cuts down on transmission of germs when cleaning up which mean it helps protect the house from germs coming home.

      • Pencils: I can't tell you how many times a student will come into class without a pencil. If I can have a supply of pencils to give out it is a huge help. I do cut chronic offenders off from this perk. I'm not giving out 180 pencils to one student.


    Weekly Homework Schedule 

     Week of September 16th


    • In class:
      • Glogster digital poster/study guide 
    • HW: Study for test 
    • Due:  None
    • STEM Class:Rocket Research 


    • In class: Glogster digital poster/study guide 
    • HW:  Study and Glogster if not completed in class
    • Due: None 
    • STEM Class: Rocket Research 


    • In class:  
      • Edible Cell
    • HW: 
      • Study for test
      • Leves of organization video
      • Cell theory video
    • Due: Edible Cell Project 
    • STEM Class: Rocket Build Day 1


    • In class: Cell's digital poster using Glogster 
    • HW: Study for test 
    • Due: Notes covering levels of organization and cell theory
    • STEM Class: Rocket Build Day 2


    • In class: Cell Test
    • HW: None
    • Due: Glogster Digital Poster 
    • STEM Class: Rocket Build Day 3