• Cerritos is "BURSTING" with activity!

    Cerritos is proud to offer many opportunities for academic and extra-curricular exploration through these special programs, clubs and activities.  Please click on each of the links below to view more detailed information about each program.



  • Leadership Program

    Kyrene de los Cerritos is proud to be a Stephen Covey, Leader in Me School. In 2012, we were recognized as the 27th school, worldwide, with the honor of being a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. As a Leader in Me School, students discover and practice a set of leadership and life skills from Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Leader in Me schools receive national recognition for their emphasis on developing leadership in young children.

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  • Makerspace

    We are excited to launch our new Makerspace program this year! We are embracing the creativity of children by offering them a room filled with objects that provide purposeful play, innovation and collaboration. Students visit the Makerspace room weekly. Teachers facilitate students' thinking, designing and learning as they work through hands-on activities and students make connections between all content areas.

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  • ASU Play Buddies

    Play Buddies is an exciting opportunity for partnership between Cerritos and ASU Counseling and Psychology Master's Program. ASU graduate students work with Cerritos students one time per week for 30 minutes.

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    At Cerritos CARES is a program the entire school uses as a guide for implementing clear and consistent expectations (Cooperation, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, Safety).

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  • Playworks

    We have a partnership with Playworks to help our school make the most of recess. Playworks has helped schools figure out what works well on their playground and focuses on safety, engagement, and empowerment. Read more information here about how this program helps improve children's physical health and social and emotional learning at Cerritos.

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  • WATCH D.O.G.S.

    WATCH D.O.G.S. is one of the nation's largest and most respected school-based, family and community engagement organizations in the country. Our school has over 50 dads, grandpas, and adult broths that spend at least one full day per school year making a positive impact on our students.

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    Our Student Lighthouse team is a group of students with exceptional leadership skills and a variety of strengths and ideas who are committed to serving our school and facilitate the vision of leadership with our Staff Lighthouse Team.

    A few responsibilities of the Student Lighthouse team include:

    • Making important school wide goals and tracking the progress on a data wall
    • Providing administration and teachers with feedback about school events and procedures
    • Brainstorm new ideas and implement these ideas
    • Participate in a Q&A panel durng our annual Leadership Day
    • Give speeches at various school events
    • Help plan and execute school assemblies 
    • Give student led school tours to prospective families
    • Greet important guests visiting our school



    These student leaders in grades 3-5 are committed to encouraging school spirit at assemblies and during spirit week and organizing community outreach projects. 

    Examples of projects include:

    • Toiletry collection drives for the Kyrene Family Resource Center
    • Fundraiser at local ice cream shop to support March of Dimes
    • Toy collection drives for local shelters



    These students donate their recess time to count and sort box tops submitted and plan activities to encourage monthly participation in the program.



    Students who are responsible for keeping students safe and problem solving during morning drop-off and pick-up. They assist students getting in and out of cars and communicate with duty staff with a cheerful welcome and kind "Have a great day!"



    A group of students who enjoy planning and filming announcements that teachers show their classes on their smartboards.



    A group of students in grades 2-4 who monitor and assist primary students during lunch time.  Their primary responsibilities include opening drinks and packages and passing out napkins and utensils.



    A team of students in grade 5 who work together to learn games, fair play and positive conflict resolution. They teacher these skills and lessons to all students during recess time.



    A group of students who love nature and like to care for our school garden.  Students help plant, prune, and take care of weeding the garden.




    Kyrene Kids Club programs help children reach their full potential cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally. All of our programs are on school campuses, so the transition from the school day to after school is consistent and convenient. Non-School Days are not included in monthly tuition and are available during most school closure days and Summer break at campuses within the District.


    Kyrene School District offers many after school classes thru the Community Education department.  Examples of classes include sports, art, acting, computers/coding, dance, friendship building, chess, and Spanish.

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