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    6th Grade Math Class

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     Announcements (January 2018):
    1. Calculators are now permitted!
    As of the beginning of this quarter, 6th graders can now use calculators in class, at home, and on most tests/quizzes. If you will be buying a new one, it would be best to just spend $5 - $10. A basic calculator is all they will need. I recommend a TI-108, or something similar. Students will never be allowed to use their phones for tests, so it would be best for everyone to have a calculator rather than relying on their phones.  

    2. We’re looking for more calculators!

    Since not every student will be able to acquire a calculator, we will need more for them to use in the classroom. If your family is able to donate one or two, it would be much appreciated.

    3. Mathia will no longer be required for homework. 
    Mathia is a great learning tool, and we will continue to use it on Wednesdays during math class. However, we have found it to be a challenge for a number of students to access regularly. We are still strongly encouraging each and every student to continue working on Mathia outside of school; however, it is no longer required for a grade.
    Family Handbook (Parents/gaurdians need to read and sign) 
    spiral Spiral or Composition notebook (for note taking-required)
    spiral 3-prong folder 
    spiral Highlighter
    spiral  PENCILS PENCILS AND MORE PENCILS (preferably mechanical) 
    spiral After winter break we will need a calculator (TI-108 Elementary Calculator works great!)