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     Mrs. Hathaway's and Mr. Martz's 

    8th Grade Science Class

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    Welcome to our 8th grade science class!
    First thing you should know is that Mrs. Hathaway and Mr. Martz are BOTH equally your teachers.  The above email goes to both of us!
    Now what else should you know?  We love science and we love teaching!  Over the course of the year you will learn about atoms and the properties of matter, the fundamentals of chemistry, ecology and evolution, genetics and heredity, and physics.  
    We will also work on various projects and experiments throughout the year designed to strengthen your overall science abilities.  
    You need these skills!  Chemically, what are those ingredients are in your food?  How and why do elements bond to form larger compounds?  How does the environment drive adaptations in species? What role do humans have in the ecosystem?  How do genes influence your phenotype? Jeez...what's a phenotype?!