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     Welcome to Music!

    Ms. Smith M. ed.
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    Hello Brisas Geckos!  My name is Ms. Smith and I am very happy and excited to be teaching music here!
    We are very fortunate to have so many resources at this school, such as instruments, space and technology
    to make the most of the musical experience for the kids at this highly rated, A+ school.  
    The goal is to create a child-centered environment using the world-renowned and highly-acclaimed
    Orff and Kodaly methods according to the state standards and beyond. We sing challenging musical
    selections, use movement to understand rhythm, and play instruments to incorporate musical reading
    and listening skills. We introduce these techniques in Kindergarten and build on them, through 5th grade. 
    My background includes two bachelor's degrees in Music Education and Cello Performance both on full ride
    scholarships from ASU. Also, I received my Masters in General Education. Additionally, I am certified to
    teach in the homeroom classroom. As a music teacher I fulfill all the requirements of a homeroom
    teacher... just the subject matter is different. From this perspective I use my skills to compliment the homeroom
    classroom curriculum and work with other teachers  to build on knowledge retention and
    create/facilitate positive and memorable experiences for the students.
    I enjoy seeing your kids during music.
    Have a wonderful day!  
    Ms. Smith