Kyrene Middle School Athletics

  • For all athletics questions please call the Athletic Secretary Pam Adam 480-541-6604


    Athletics Update:


    As per our Safe Return to Athletics Plan, practices can continue through Tuesday November 24. The cross country meet for Tuesday November 24 will be cancelled.


    We will not have practice once we transition into contingency on November 30.  Coaches may provide individual workouts for athletes to practice skills and conditioning at home until practices may resume. We will plan to resume activities when we return to in-person learning at school in alignment with the metrics and our Safe Return to Athletics Plan. 


    Although we always review AIA Guidelines, our timelines and plan may not fully coincide with theirs. When it is safe to play games and have competitions with in Kyrene, we will provide a schedule for each sport.


    Thank you for your flexibility and support for our Athletics program.


    All participants are required to complete online registration and turn in participation forms in order to try out or participate on a team. Please visit the "Register for Sports" tab to the left for registration information. 


    Students who are participating in both the In-person and Flex learning models will be able to participate in athletics programming at their school site during the 2020-2021 school year.   Information regarding Athletics offerings and schedules will be released as they are updated in alignment with evolving state and federal guidelines. The safety and health of our athletes, staff, coaches and officials is of the upmost importance to the Kyrene Athletic Program.


    We are proud to announce that students who are enrolled in Kyrene Digital Academy, will be allowed to participate in the Kyrene Athletics Program.  K.D.A. students in grades 6-8 who live in the Kyrene School District boundaries will be allowed to participate in the Kyrene Athletics Program at the school within the school boundaries in which they reside. K.D.A. students who live outside Kyrene School District boundaries will be allowed to participate at Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year.   

    Kyrene offers both “cut” and “non-cut” sports for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Cut sports include Girls and Boys Soccer, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Cheer, Girls Softball, and Boys Baseball. The non-cut athletic opportunities include Co-Ed Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track and Field.  All Co-Ed non-cut sport options can be taken for IB PE credit as a "zero hour" course for 6th and 7th grade students this year. 
    The goals for every participant are:
    • Physical skills necessary in the sport or activity
    • An awareness of progressive skill requirements needed to continue in the growth of a specific sport or activity
    • Respect for the efforts, abilities, and rights or others
    • The awareness of leadership responsibilities in school, community, and life contacts, as well as on the field
    • Active participation by all members of the team 



    P.E. Uniform Orders

    Sports Schedules

    Click on the sport link to be taken directly to the homepage for that particular sport.  . 

     Fall Sports  Coaches  
    bullet  Cross Country  Scott Hennings  Meagan Mahaovich   
    bullet  Varsity Boys Soccer  Jorge Rubi  
    bullet  JV Boys Soccer  Albert Escobedo  
    bullet  Varsity Girls Volleyball  Nicole Konrad  
    bullet  JV Girls Volleyball  Stephanie Biles  
    Winter Sports    
    bullet  Wrestling    
    bullet  Cheer    
    bullet  Varsity Boys Basketball    
    bullet  JV Boys Basketball    
    bullet  Varsity Girls Soccer    
    bullet  JV Girls Soccer    
    bullet Varsity Girls Softball    
    bullet JV Girls Softball    
    Spring Sports    
    bullet  Track and Field    
    bullet  Varsity Boys Baseball T  
    bullet  JV Boys Baseball    
    bullet  Varsity Girls Basketball    
    bullet  JV Girls Basketball    


Last Modified on November 20, 2020