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    About Renee Kory, Principal

    Welcome to Kyrene Aprende Middle School!  I am honored and excited to begin my seventh year as proud principal of Aprende and look very forward to continuing to work with this amazing team and community.

    The last year and a half have definitely been atypical school years, and I am extremely excited to return to "middle school" as we know it, with students switching classes, meeting new friends, and engaging in a multitude of extra-curriculars.  


    I remain committed to continuing our school mission of Excellence, Community, and Innovation as we empower our students to be 21st century problem solvers and critical thinkers.  I am also very excited to continue to grow our AVID program after becoming an AVID Site of Distinction the last two school years.  This year, we will move toward our goal of achieving the highly acclaimed status of an AVID National Demonstration Site.  Finally, we know last year was challenging on many levels and we are committed (more than ever) to supporting students' social-emotional health and well-being in an inclusive and welcoming environment. 

    Throughout my educational experiences, my heart and my passion have always been in middle school.  Middle school is a time of great exploration as students navigate through all the highs and lows, diverse experiences, and rich opportunities.  As a middle school community, it is our goal to help them develop their unique identities by guiding them through educational, social, and extra-curricular activities in a safe and engaging way, while promoting responsibility, integrity, critical thinking, and citizenship.


    I feel so fortunate to play a role in leading students, teachers, and parents through the middle school journey here at Kyrene Aprende Middle School.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me at rkory@kyrene.org if you have any questions or concerns. Go Jaguars!

Last Modified on August 6, 2021