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     At Pueblo Middle School, the entire 7th grade has the unique opportunity to participate in an Awareness Day led by Miss Julie and Mr. Segerson. Miss Julie is our school Counselor and Mr. Segerson is veteran teacher here at Pueblo with years of experience working with children in a multitude of settings. This fun and active retreat helps students become aware of the fact there is a supportive community of educators, mentors and classmates around them. We challenge students look outside of themselves and recognize their own egocentricism which is characterized by their preoccupation with their own internal world.  “Life is all about me!”  

    Empathy begins with awareness - they are closely linked together because they are both part of being a happy, healthy individual. Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s situation and attempt to comprehend what they are experiencing. As students build more awareness in life, they become more and more comfortable with who they are as a person and create balance and security. The better a child they feels about themselves, the better they will treat others! Developing this awareness and empathy helps students to feel confident enough in themselves to put their own needs/feelings at the time on the back burner for a while and think about how others feel – in their family, their school, and their community. Awareness allows students the ability to step outside their own head and think about what someone else is going through before they think, say or do something.

    Participation in this activity results in cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral shifts that decrease students’ distractions to learning and builds a positive school community. This Awareness Day inspires students to develop a greater respect for both themselves more and others.


    Despite what 7th graders may think, the world does not revolve around them

    Awareness and empathy are closely linked

    Self Confidence allows one to demonstrate respect for others



    ·         Students need to dress comfortably (i.e., shorts, T-Shirt, tennis shoes) because there are some really cool physical activities

    ·         Students need to bring a sack lunch that day (or order one from the cafeteria)

    ·         Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water and a snack as well.

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