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    Welcome to Mrs. Best's
    7th Grade Pre-Algebra &
    Linear Algebra Cla
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    black paw  Welcome Bulldogs to 7th grade!  Throughout this year, we will be exploring the following mathematical concepts:  The Real Number System; Ratios, Rates, and Proportions; Solving Linear Equations and Functions; Data Analysis; Solving Algebraic Equations and Inequalities; Transformational Geometry; Pythorgorean Theorem; Systems of Linear Equations; Exponents; Volume and much more.  It all may sound complicated; however, you will realize you already use these concepts in your everyday life.
    black paw   Classroom Expectations:
            *Always respect yourself and others.
            *Be on time and prepared for class everyday with your Math book and materials including your completed assignment.
            *Please do not stop Mrs. Best from teaching or others from learning by making inappropriate choices in our classroom.
            *Take responsibility for your actions.
            *Follow the rules of our school at all times.
            *And, always try your BEST!
             Management Plan:
             *Verbal warning
             *Rules of Conduct assignment - due the next day.  Failure to return completed Rules of Conduct assignment will
               automatically result in detention in the ISI room and a phone call to parents/guardian.
             *Relocation to ISI room including phone call to parents/guardian
             *Referral to Administration