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    Winter Sports 21-22

    Online registration for all winter sports will begin Monday, October 12, 2021.  

     Winter sports offered are: Boys Basketball, Cheer, Girls Softball, Girls Soccer and Wrestling

     Registration for cut sports (Boys Basketball, Cheer, Girls Softball, & Girls Soccer) closes on Thursday, Nov. 4 @ noon.

     Registration for non-cut sports (Wrestling) closes on Monday, November 22 @ noon.




    Kyrene offers both "cut" and "non-cut" sports for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. 

    Cut sports include: soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheer, softball and baseball. 

    Non-cut athletic opportunities include: cross country, wrestling, and track and field.


    Athletic Registration & Tryout Information

    • You can access try-out and online registration information from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. 
    • Our online registration system will soon be open for Winter Sports. 
    • Online Registration will begin Tuesday, October 12, 2021 until noon on November 4, 2021 for cut sports and November 22 for Wrestling.

    Tryouts begins, Monday, November 8, 2021.  



    To register online CLICK HERE.  A completed online registration must be done for student participation.


    For additional information regarding our registraton process please click the links below.


    The goals for every participant are:

    • Physical Skills necessary in the sport or activity
    • An awareness of progressive skill requirements needed to continue in the growth of a specific sport or activity
    • Respect for the efforts, abilities, and rights or others
    • The awareness of leadership responsibilities in school, community, and life contacts, as well as on the field
    • Active participation by all members of the team   








    If your student will be participating in a non-cut sport, payment is due at the time of registration.  If your student is trying out for a cut sport, payment will be due once you have been notified your student made the team.  You will need to pay the participation fee by the first day of practice

        1.  Payment will be made for non-cut sports at the time of registration.

        2.  Payment for cut sports will be made online once you have been notified your student made the team.


         ** Please review KAP Middle School Athletics Participation Policies & Guidelines click here.

        If you have any questions please call our Student Services/Athletic Secretary, Judy Cotharin, at 480-541-5805.




    If you wish to apply for financial assistance, you will need to submit a Financial Assistance application PRIOR to the start date of tryouts. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Due to financial constraints, we are unable to provide 100% assistance. 

    Click HERE for a copy of the Financial Assistance application form. Financial Assistance forms must be turned into the Kyrene District Office.







    ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:  Dana Westermann  480-541-5805        dwestermann@kyrene.org

    ATHLETIC SECRETARY:  Judy Cotharin          480-541-5805         JCotharin@kyrene.org








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