• Victoria Jumpe

    6-8 Theatre/Theatre Crew

    Room: B-5
    Email: vjumpe@kyrene.org
    Phone: 480-541-5925

    Thank you to all who auditioned, this was a very tough decision. There will be a read-through on Monday, Feb. 27th after school.

    Cast List for Puffs:


    Zane Hildebrand


    Luke Littlefield


    Molly Breckow


    Naima Ellison & Isabella McCarrick

    Ernie Mac/Seamus/Mr. Nick/Sal/Real Mr. Moody:

    Alexander Padilla

    Hannah/Professor McG/Xavia Jones:

    Avarie Wieging

    J.Finch/Uncle Dave/Viktor/Mr. Bagman:

    Ashton Schofner


    Avery Becker

    Sally & Blondo Malfoy/Rowena:

    Madelyn Thye

    Susie Bones/Colin/Ric Gryff/Bippy:

    Frida Garcia

    Cedric & Mr. Voldy/Potions Teacher/Tall Man:

    Lance Wrchka

    Harry Potter/Fat Friar:

    Urban Crandall


    Molly Prefling

    Ginny/Helga/Frenchy/Professor Sproutty:

    Aliyah Alvarado




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