Kyrene School District

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Welcome Kyrene School District Community,

The Research & Evaluation website has been created to support a shared understanding of the district's performance in a variety of areas. The goal of the department is to provide the Kyrene community with information that relates to the district's Strategic Blueprint.  Links and information will be visible as activities or outcomes become active in the calendar.  I look forward to sharing information and enjoying opportunity to celebrate Kyrene's success stories together.
The district's Strategic Blueprint identifies goals and benchmarks in the areas of learning, organization, staff, environment, and community.  The Strategic Blueprint is a living document, one that expands and grows with our learning community.  Throughout the year the governing board, department, and school communities work together to implement strategies, monitor progress, evaluate outcomes, and determine program efficacy.  As a result, Kyrene students excel and Kyrene School District continues to be a district of choice. 
Thank you for checking in and for letting me know if there is anything I can do for you.
Susie Ostmeyer, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Evaluation