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    Welcome to Mrs. Lee's

    6th grade World History

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    • Welcome to online learning for the remainder of the school year. All work will be in your child's Google Classroom. We have been using it all year long and they are experts on using our Classroom. I will make it very easy to find work by labeling each week. 
    • District layout on time spent per subject. This helped my son and I out a ton as I was freaking out on how I was going to help him and teach my students.
    • Here is the breakdown of how much time the district wants you to spend on each subject. True online learning will start on April 13th. All work starting on the 13th will be graded.

      Middle School English Language Arts

      • 40-50 minutes per day on reading and writing activities
      • 20 minutes per day of free choice reading
    • Middle School Math

      • 30 minutes per day on math activities
      • 60 minutes per week on Mathia online
    • Middle School Science and Social Studies

      • 30 minutes per day on Science activities
      • 30 minutes per day on Social Studies activities
    • Set a timer and work for 30 minutes and once your time is done think of it as time to go to another class.

    • I will be emailing and posting in Google Classroom any Zoom meetings. Make sure to read how to log in and the guidelines to follow while in your zoom meeting.
    • As always, I am an email away to answer your questions. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding during this time. 
    • Stay safe and healthy and I miss you all.