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    Welcome to Mrs. Lee's

    6th grade World History

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    Upcoming school year 2020-2021
    First, I would like to say that I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. With COVID-19 being our past, present, and short-term future this year will be an experience no matter what happens. With that being said this year all students will need to have their own supplies for the class as we cannot share this year.
    Supplies needed:
    Pencil sharpener
    color pencils or crayons
    Black dry erase marker and eraser- will be writing on our desktops! The kids love it as do I!
    notebook- This can be a composition or spiral they need to be at least 80-100 pages. We write in class every day!
    For online learning- Your student needs a device and all work will be digital but you can always print off anything if you have a printer at home if that works better for you.
    Second, this is the second year with our new resources with National Geographic. The books are online and in-class we have the hardcover books as well. I have Chromebooks in my classroom for every student and we will be using them every day. We use Google for a ton of work in class and for home projects. We do need to wear masks in class.
    Finally, I have a student teacher from NAU and her name is Maya McCool. She will be taking over the teaching within a month and I will be guiding her along the way. This will be an interesting student teaching for her for sure. 
    Masking up for you and me,
    Irish Lee