• Akimel A-al

Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School

  • Address/Phone Numbers

    2720 E Liberty Lane,
    Phoenix, Arizona 85048 (view map)
    (480) 480-541-5800
    (480) 480-541-5810  fax
    (480) 480-541-5801  24-hr Attendance Reporting
    School Mascot: Rattlers
    Grades: 6-8

    Office Hours

    Monday-Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm
    Wednesday 7:30am- 2:00pm


    School Hours

    Start Time End Time Early Release
    8:10a 3:10p Wed. 1:10p

    Before School Supervision: 7:40a
    First Bell: 8:05a
    Tardy Bell: 8:10a


    2019-2020 Bell Schedule

     19-20 Bell Schedules

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    Important School Contacts

    (all KSD phone numbers begin with (480) 541-xxxx )
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    Principal Stephanie Phillips 5802
    Assistant Principal & Athletic Dir. Dana Westermann 5805
    Academic and Behavior Spec. 5805
    Academic and Behavior Spec. Stephanie Wickwire 5805
    Social Worker Melissa Wertenberger 5805
    School Secretary Charlene Carnes 5802
    Student Services/Athletic Sec. Judy Cotharin 5805
    Office/Attendance Clerk LaVone Brown 5800
    Registrar Laurie Stogsdill 5800
    Psychologist Dr. Fuentes 5822
    Health Assistant   5820
    Health Assistant Joanne Sylvester 5820
    Cafeteria Manager   Bridgette Baeza 5826
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